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Our exquisite grapes grow on idyllic vines and ripen in a high quality region. Thereby, the vines extend on soft hills in a sun-drenched landscape. This particular climate, as well as the special loess soil texture, allows ideal conditions for a unique and breathtaking aroma.

For the refinement of our luxury sparkling wine, we use a natural truffle extract, which is obtained exclusively from real white truffles. This noble truffle variety is also known as Tuber magnatum.

For our production and extract manufacturing hand-picked white truffles from Italy are used. An ancient traditional fermentation process is used for this truffle extract production. The special fermentation process allows us to refine the fine sparkling wine with this high quality truffle extract, preserving the full aroma complexity of the white Piedmont truffle.

The special technology for the production of the white truffle extract has been patented and is unique in the world.